Preparation of a dissertation proposal

Preparation of a dissertation proposal

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Often, in order to receive a grant for a research or for admission to a foreign doctoral program, a Dissertation Proposal is required, plan for the proposed study. Consider why it is needed and what its content should be.

What is the dissertation proposal for?

The research plan allows the competition commission or potential supervisor to determine the following:

the candidate has studied well studied literature and previous research on his subject matter;

scientific issues are in the area of ​​interest of a potential supervisor;

the candidate is able to plan his research work.

It is important that the research plan convinces those who read it that the candidate:

identified a scientific problem;

has a theoretical basis and has an idea of ​​the methodological approaches to solving this problem in a reasonable time and for reasonable means;

will bring something new to the research in the chosen area.

What is the dissertation proposal?

Title page

Name, date of birth, nationality, contact information;

The working title of your dissertation or scientific report (the title should accurately reflect the essence of the research and, preferably, the research method, include keywords by which the research can be classified);

Realistic period of time for which the research is planned;

The name of the proposed supervisor; the name of the department where you are going to conduct research; the names of other professors with whom you intend to cooperate (if applicable);

A list of research projects that previously received funding from a department or science foundation for which you are applying to show that your project matches their scientific interests or mission.

The preparation of a research project (Dissertation Proposal) is a key step in applying for research doctoral programs. Make sure that you have enough time to select a topic and the proposed supervisor, and prepare the text of the project.

The scope of a dissertation proposal is, as a rule, 1,000-1,500 words, in some universities 1,500-2,000 words (not counting abstracts and bibliographic references, the number of which should be between 10 and 20).