How to write an essay conclusion?

How to write an essay conclusion?

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Think of ending the essay as a bow on a beautifully wrapped gift. It connects everything together and presents your essay as a polished whole. In your final part, you need to summarize everything that was mentioned in your essay. In addition, it should be quite challenging and resemble a verbal stroke.

Sketch ideas for your essay conclusion

Think about the question “So what?”. A great way to come up with an ending is to imagine that your reader asked you “So what?” About what was written. Why does what you wrote matter? What can you write in the end to convince the reader to believe in your ideas and reasoning?

Make a list of the main ideas of your essay. Understanding the main ideas of your essay, you can better understand what you should include in the final part. You should not wedge each item and sub-item in the end: just display the most important things.

Start with a small transition (optional). This may be a clue to the reader that you are going to write the essay conclusion, and that he needs to follow closely. Despite the fact that in most essays, the last paragraph begins with the transition, you do not need to do this if you feel that it is clear that you are completing the essay.

You need to avoid well-known phrases, such as, “In conclusion”, “Summarizing the above-written” or “Stock of the total”, because due to their frequent use they are already considered clichés.

Be concise. There is no definite canon for the length of your ending, but for most essays in high school and university, it is a good rule that your ending should be around 5-7 sentences. If it’s less, you may not be able, to sum up, the points of your essay well enough; if it’s more, then most likely you are beating around the bush.

Make sure that you include abstracts, if you have them, in the end. If you had a thesis, you should refer to it at the end, even if it is fleeting. Remember, the thesis is the main topic of the essay, what you are writing about. If the one who reads your ending has not yet understood your thesis, it means that you did not convey the message very well to the reader.

Find a way to process the thesis in an interesting way with the help of other speech constructs. Rewriting the thesis with the help of the same words will discourage the reader and will not allow getting into the essence of your essay.