How to write an essay reflection?

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To write an essay writing service reflection, you must read the text, understand its essence and determine what your attitude is to the basic idea. Moreover, despite the fact that this is your personal response, it must be objective, not emotional. Continue reading if you want to learn more about how to write an essay-review.

Text comprehension

Leave notes. It is not enough to select text while reading. You need to write notes about the material, and they must be expressed in your own words.

Highlighting draws attention to the words and paragraphs that you consider important, but it will not allow you to write your original thoughts that relate to these paragraphs.

Leave notes on separate sheets of paper. Include retelling and quotes, as well as your personal opinion about them.

Build reading comprehension by asking yourself questions. Before you express your subjective opinion about the work, you need to understand what it is about. In the essay-response, you need to focus on your own interpretation of the text, but if you want your opinion to be firm, you need to understand the main point of the work.

Here are the questions to ask in an essay reflection:

What is the main problem the author or creator is trying to raise?

In which sentence did he do it? What statement does the author make or express an opinion?

When asserting whether the author makes any assumptions? Are these assumptions true or are they based on prejudice?

Which author cites evidence that supports his or her point of view?

What are the strong points in the arguments?

What arguments have weaknesses?

Consider work in the aspect of other works, if appropriate. This step is not always necessary, but if you consider the work in the context of other works, other works of the author or similar works that touch on the same topics, etc. – comparison of the object of your response in the aspect of other works may broaden your understanding of the work itself and understanding of its effectiveness.

Here are more questions to ask:

How is this work interrelated with others in this topic or in the aspect of other works with similar questions written by other authors?

Does the author’s opinion agree with the opinions of other authors of this topic?

Do the authors of the compared works raise the same problems or their various aspects?

Did the author write earlier work on the same topic? What happened to his views in comparison with those that were in past works?